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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

What kind of cars does Exit5 Auto Group sell?

We sell two types of cars:

  • Recent model pre-owned vehicles – a majority of the cars in our inventory
    • More than half of our inventory consists of cars three years old or newer. 90% of our inventory is from 2011 and newer.
    • We do not sell high mileage cars. The average odometer reading on our lot right now is 38,000.
  • Classic cars
    • Vintage, fully restored, collectible cars.
    • We specialize in desirable classics for all kinds of collectors.
      • Some cars are highly desirable pristine collector pieces.
      • Others are beautifully restored resto mods with features that improve drivability.
      • All are purchased with the intent to be solid investments that will appreciate over time.

Why should I consider buying a pre-owned car instead of a new one?

Buying a pre-owned car can save you money in several ways. First of all, new cars typically depreciate about 20 percent just after being driven off the lot, and then another 10 percent after the first year. That’s a lot of wasted cash. In addition, you can stretch your money farther by buying a used car rather than a brand new car. While you may not be able to afford the new car that you want, a two- or three-year-old car of the same make and model just might fit your budget.

What types of financing options are available for buyers?

  • We offer financing through multiple banks.
  • We will work with the consumer’s credit union or bank to facilitate an easy transaction if that is the customer’s preference.

Will you find me a car if you don’t have the exact car I want?


What maintenance services are available at Exit5 Auto Group?

We offer full service for every car we sell. If we sell it, we will maintain it for you.

What services do you offer for classic cars?

We offer pretty much the same services for classic cars that we offer for newer model cars. We do not perform restoration services (or paint work) at this time. We hope to do that in the future.

Why is buying from an independent dealership more cost efficient?

Believe it or not, new car dealerships have some significant disadvantages when it comes to selling pre-owned cars.

  • They typically only certify their brand of car. If you buy a Honda from a Toyota dealership it will likely not be certified.
  • The cost to certify a car is typically greater (the manufacturer looks to make a profit in addition to the profit that the dealer makes).
  • We have fewer layers of management and sales staff to cover. Next time you go into a new car dealership count the number of people that work there. That equates to large salaries and large payrolls to cover.

What is your trade-in policy?

We will give you a cash value offer for your car…even if you don’t buy a car from us. We will give you this offer right up front. It does not depend on which car you are looking to buy. We are completely transparent on both sides of the transaction (the trade in and the purchase).

What sets Exit5 Auto Group apart from other pre-owned car dealers?

  • We offer the new car dealership feel without the hassle or the inflated prices.
  • We have a larger selection of recent model cars than most used car dealers.
  • We have a 7,000 square foot service department. Many pre-owned car dealers don’t even have a service department, and many of those who do have limited capabilities.
  • Our certification program is insured by the same company used by many new car dealerships. They will not typically work with independent dealerships due to the high requirements of excellence in vehicle inventory that is required.
  • We own and service the cars we sell. We are not subject to high inventory financing fees, and thus we can share the savings with our customers.
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