Exit5 Auto Group is your destination for quality Brake Repair Services. Our certified technicians have are trained on foreign and domestic vehicles. We offer convenient hours, free loaner cars, and genuine OEM parts. Come visit our state of the art facility or give us a call today at (518) 541-5000

How to Find a Reputable Brake Shop

Top-quality shops like Exit5 Auto automatically use the best parts because we pride ourselves on protecting your safety. Our prices are competitive and you won't be subjected to the gimmicks and up-selling that the chain shops are known for. We carry a number of leading premium pads, rotors, and calipers. 

We encourage you to call us and request a price quote over the phone. Any reputable brake repair shop will provide a firm quote that includes machining the rotors, replacing the slide pines and installing high-quality pads and hardware. Shops don’t need to see the vehicle to provide a price—a break job isn’t brain surgery. If you are looking for a brake repair facility and value safety, value, and honesty, look no further, Exit5 Auto is the place for you.

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