Dinan Performance

Dinan and Exit5 share a passion for performance.  That's why we partnered to become the Capital District's only Dinan Performance Center. Why do driving enthusiasts turn to us? Its because they appreciate our ability outperform the rest of the aftermarket industry. Therefore when customers want performance - they come to Exit5.


Our technicians and engineers have one goal in mind, getting the best performance out of your BMW. We do that, of course, while maintaining the civility and reliability of your car. If you want to take a good car and make it great, Dinan and Exit5 have the solution.


Dinan and Exit5 offer our customers the best warranty in the aftermarket business with a factory matching 4 year or 50,000-mile coverage. This allows you to have confidence in our upgrades and take satisfaction that your investment is protected.

Exit5 and Dinan

Founded in 1979, Dinan is well established as North America’s premiere BMW tuner. Here at Exit5, we share their passion for performance and are proud to represent the Dinan brand.

Together Exit5 and Dinan offer a broad range of BMW performance services. From engine tuning, driveline improvements and chassis upgrades, we have you covered. As a serious BMW Tuner, we offer a complete range of performance solutions for the entire range of models. Every driver deserves the opportunity to get the most from their car. You should be no different. If you want faster acceleration, improved cornering, or just a better sound, we are here for you.

We even offer Signature Series programs are that take your vehicle to a whole new level. In addition to stunning performance, Signature Series programs offer exclusivity. Because each Signature car comes with special number, registered with both BMW and Dinan, you know that your car will be something special.

Come see us at Exit5 Auto and begin driving the high performance BMW of your dreams today.

What the Critics are Saying

Road tests conducted by major automotive publications place Dinan BMWs along side some of the most exotic sports cars in the world. Most importantly, these cars benefit from improved performance while also maintaining civility and reliability.  In short, we provide a high performance driving experience without equal.

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