The Importance of Quality Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of any vehicle.  Many people don't realize this but in addition to providing traction for acceleration, they affect the steering, braking, and overall vehicle stability as well.  Combined, these factors lead to the biggest reason to be sure that you have good quality tires on your car - your safety!

Like Most Things In Life - Quality Matters

Quality tires are often cheaper in the long run than their less expensive counterparts. This is because they provide better fuel economy. Many drivers think they are saving money by purchasing inexpensive tires. However, the money that you think they are saving is actually being wasted on gas.  In addition, cheap tires typically don't last as long either - which means that they have to be replaced more often.

When buying tires for a vehicle  it is important to think past the initial cost.  Consider the important safety and performance trade offs as well.  After weighing the risks and benefits, purchasing quality tires for a vehicle will almost always be the best option.  Are you really going to shortchange your safety to save a couple bucks?

When Are New Tires Necessary?

Realizing when you need new tires may be a little tricky. That's why consumers ask so many different questions about tire quality, including tread depth, wear,  and damage.  There's no simple answer to all of these questions. If you are in doubt, bring your car in for an inspection.  There is a lot riding on your tires - it pays to get them checked by our certified technicians.

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