Preventive Maintenance Plans

Every truck comes with maintenance manuals. They contain valuable information on topics such as determining scheduled maintenance intervals, lubrication and fluid level checks.  They also outline noise emission controls maintenance and torque specifications. Following the procedures contained in these manuals is crucial to the long term health of your vehicle.

Keeping in line with that thought, our preventive maintenance (PM) plans are based on those guidelines but also factor in the real world use of your truck. For example, the distance you drive, the strain of your daily routine, and the specific wear and tear exerted by the type of work you do should also be taken into account within your PM program.
For example, if you run 80 mph you will generally have higher maintenance costs than if you run an average of 65 mph. If you haul heavy loads through rough terrain, the wear and tear on your truck is obviously greater. It is important that you identify these conditions and manage a maintenance plan that will suit these demands.

When conscientiously followed, the PM can anticipate, identify and solve potential problems that can harm your truck and business. Procedures can be as simple as checking the engine oil and tire air pressure frequently.  However, since your business relies on your vehicles, a more sophisticated plan might be in order.  These plans include overhead valve adjustments and using engine oil analysis.  The goal here is to extend the drain intervals make adjustments as engine wear becomes prevalent.

Don't worry, we have you covered

We offer a variety of Preventive Maintenance plans starting with basic coverage of tires, engine oil, wipers, lights, filters, coolant, belts and hoses.  For a more thorough plan, we will include brakes, drive axles, wheel seals, transmission, batteries, exhaust, driveline, suspension, steering, clutch and engine.

Here at Exit5's Service Center we specialize in organizing such a plan for you. In addition, we help you keep track of it all no matter the size and type of your fleet. Once a plan has been implemented, you will immediately begin to realize its benefits. Your vehicles will be on the road longer, will be more reliable, and will not interrupt your business. 

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