What is a Vehicle HMO?

In very much the same way an HMO plan covers your medical expenses, our vehicle HMO covers many of the expenses associated with owning a car.  It even covers items not included in original factory warranties. For example, if you need new tires - you're covered.  If you need new brake pads - you're covered.  If your battery dies - you're covered.  You're even covered when its time to change your oil.  And of course, major mechanical issues are covered too. Get an online quote today!

Our goal is to lower your out of pocket expenses

Over the lifetime of your vehicle, routine maintenance costs can add up to cost thousands of dollars.  Medical HMOs cover routine health checkups, dental visits, and eye exams so you don't incur the associated out of pocket expenses yourself.  Our vehicle HMO operates the same way.  We cover battery replacements, oil changes, worn brake pads, balding tires, wheel alignments, and even windshield wipers.

But what is something major goes wrong with my car?

Keeping in line with the way medical HMOs operate, we have designed our Vehicle HMO to provide you with a range of coverage options.  This allows you to choose the plan that works best for your particular needs.  You can also choose the duration of your coverage to lock in the rate for the planned ownership of your car.  And if you decide to sell your car before your coverage expires, you are entitled to a reimbursement of the unused coverage?


Most Popular

Level 4

Top level
All Level 3 components plus:
protection for nearly EVERY mechanical, electrical, and high-tech component in your vehicle.

Level 3

Mid level
All Level 2 components plus:
Cylinder heads, engine block, flex plate, flywheel
Drive axle ring and pinon gears, bearings, bushings
ABS control module, pump, sensors, accumulator
All manual electrical switches, analog gauges, cruise control module, electronic instrument cluster, power window, mirror, seat, sunroof motors
ECU (Engine control unit)
ECM (Engine control module)

Level 2

Base level
All Level 1 components plus:
Master brake cylinder, booster, calipers, brake lines
Power steering pump, rack and pinion
Alternator, wiper motors, starter motor
AC compressor, clutch, coil
Ball joints, leaf coil springs
Compressor, dryer, control
Radiator, fan, and clutch

Level 1

Entry level
Engine: Internally lubricated parts, water pump and thermostat
Transmission: Internally lubricated parts
Drive Axle: Internally lubricated parts
Fuel System: Primary pump and sending unit
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