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In today’s market of big companies overshadowing the little guys like us, online reviews are very important. They provide us with the information we need to continue to improve, but they also help us to get the word out about our product or service. That’s why we need your help.

Will you take a moment of your time to jot down a few notes about our service on either of the social media forums listed below. It’s a fast, simple way for you to make a difference in a company that’s providing you great products or services.

If you have concerns regarding your interaction with us, I personally invite you to reach out to me directly.  I promise to respond quickly and do everything in my power to address your concerns. Either way, we want to hear from you and appreciate your honest feedback.

Patrick Lyga

Patrick Lyga
General Manager
Exit5 Auto Group
(518) 541-5000 x102
[email protected]

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