Exit5 Auto Group is your destination for quality BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Mini Cooper, and Volkswagen Service. We offer convenient hours, free loaner cars, and genuine OEM parts. Come visit our state of the art facility or give us a call today at (518) 541-5000

Meet our Service Manager - Korey Thomas

Korey is a Certified Master Technician and has over 10 years experience leading the services team specializing in foreign car repair. At Exit5 Auto he oversees our service department and, unlike managers at many other dealerships, Korey also contributes on the shop floor.  This is just one more reason that service levels at Exit5 are so high.

Korey and his team will do everything possible to make getting your car fixed as painless as possible.  Some of the other benefits we offer include:

  • Warranty on parts and service
  • Genuine BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Mini Cooper and Volkswagen OEM parts
  • Free Loaner cars
  • Discounts available
Korey Thomas - Certified Toyota Master Technician

Personal Relationships

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, there is nothing more important than a competent mechanic.  You won't get to know your mechanic unless you go to a privately run garage. Getting your car serviced at Exit5 Auto allows for direct communication with your mechanic. You are able to get to know your mechanic (like Korey) by name.  Through that relationship we will become very familiar with your vehicle and anticipate issues or problems down the road.

At new car dealerships, you're often just a number on a computer printout, and you most likely won't even meet the mechanic. You'll likely have no idea who is working on your car, what his experience is or if the same mechanic will ever work on your car again. Recommendations for the future will probably be confined to whatever is on the manufacturer's or the dealer's own maintenance schedule.

The one-on-one relationship between driver and mechanic that smaller repair shops like Exit5 Auto foster can really help  provide confidence in both the work that's performed and in the vehicle itself. Our mechanics are more willing to help you understand how your car performs and what it needs. You can ask to look under the hood or the chassis, and perhaps learn something about what goes where or why a service needs to be performed.


Customer Satisfaction

As a local repair shop we don't work for the manufacturer.  We report to no one but you. As such we rely on word of mouth to keep a steady stream of customers. We know that a happy customer will tell a friend, but an unhappy one will tell 10 friends. Because you are more apt to know us personally and may even be part of the same local community, our entire business model revolves around making you happy. We know that friends ask each other for recommendations.

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