Located in Latham NY, Exit5 Auto is the area's premier auto service and repair shop. We work on all makes and models, foreign and domestic. Our labor rates are among the most competitive in the area and we’ll beat any written estimate by 10%. And remember, work performed at our repair shop is always 100% guaranteed. See what our customers have to say and book an appointment today: (518) 541-5000.

Not every Auto Repair Shop is created equal

Choosing the right auto repair shop can be hard. It’s not unusual for us to hear a lot of horror stories about repair shops that have scammed car owners with unnecessary services, low quality work, or ridiculously high prices for parts and labor. Here are some things to bear in mind when you’re looking for a great auto repair shop – as well as things to look out for in a not-so-great one.

Worried about routine maintenance expenses?

Ask about our vehicle HMO plan.  In very much the same way a medical HMO covers your medical expenses, our vehicle HMO covers many of the expenses associated with owning your vehicle*. It even covers items not included in original factory warranties. For example, if you need new tires - you're covered. If you need new brake pads - you're covered. If your battery dies - you're covered. You're even covered when its time to change your oil. And of course, major mechanical issues are covered too.  Best of all, you may be eligible to join our HMO plan even if you didn't purchase a car from us.

 Signs to watch out for:

  • Is the shop dirty?  Just as we won’t go in a dirty barber shop or grocery store, a clean auto repair shop is also a must. Expect an orderly, brightly lit, and litter free work environment.
  • Are they employing scare tactics?  Go to another shop if the service manager is trying to up-sell you on parts that you may or may not need, or if he pushes scare tactics like “I wouldn’t drive this car around the block.”
  • Why don’t they offer a warranty?  Any good repair shop will back their work.
  • Where are their other customers?  Good shops stay busy. It’s not a good sign if the shop has employees watching TV or playing cards or only has one car in a service bay.
  • Where’s their curb appeal?  The shop should have good signage, good lighting, and a professional atmosphere.
  • Do they have good customer care?  Are they friendly and welcoming the minute you walk in? Care can also mean the little things, such as offering seat covers, a steering wheel cover, and floor mats to ensure that your car’s interior stays as clean as when you brought it. All of these reflects a real regard and respect for customers.
  • Are they honest? Honesty is all about getting answers that are clear and direct. You should never feel intimidated. An honest auto repair shop shows you the failed or replaced parts and communicates with you before performing any repair work.
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