Exhaust Repair

A properly functioning exhaust system will keep your car quiet and reduce air pollution. More importantly, it will keep you safe and ensure that harmful gases don't find their way into the car. Call today: (518) 541-5000. Our expert mechanics are pros at diagnosing exhaust problems and will get you right back on the road in no time. Whether you need a new muffler, catalytic converter, or a whole new system - we have value driven solutions that will make both your car and your wallet happy.

Three reasons why you should fix a leaky exhaust?

First, The safety of you and your family is of critical importance.  A properly functioning exhaust system channels burned gases safely away from the vehicle.  If it's not working correctly, these harmful gases can find their way into the vehicle's cabin!Secondly, both engine performance and gas mileage will suffer. The exhaust system is a vital part of your car's engineering design.  When it is now performing correctly, your car will not perform correctly either.And finally, exhaust noise can result in fines from local authorities. Get it fixed by a qualified shop. It's cheaper in the long run.

Why do they fail?

The main culprit is exposure to weather elements and road clearing chemicals. Living in the northeast, you car is subject to the effects of rust and oxidation.  Salt belt states like New York (that use snow and ice clearing chemicals) typically use liquid sodium, calcium and magnesium chloride and rock salt to clear roadways of snow and ice. This concoction eats metal and causes it to disintegrate.

Internal condensation is also a factor. When you start your car, hot gases course through the cold exhaust system, causing condensation to form. Water and oxygen together cause a catalysis called oxidation or rust.  Hence the system is eaten from the inside out.

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