Braking Systems

Heavy duty brake systems are subjected to a lot of heat and endure a tremendous amount of pressure.  This combination of places continued stress on brake components and is one of the main contributors to high maintenance costs.

Fortunately, Preventative Maintenance (PM) can help reduce repair costs and prevent vehicle down-time as well. With every PM Service that we conduct our experienced technicians inspect brake systems for abnormal wear and potential signs of damage. With a regularly scheduled PM routine you are more inclined to catch brake issues before they turn into major expenses. It will also result in significant vehicle down time, thus saving you more money.

In addition, using Quality brake pads along with regular maintenance can make all the difference in the world. Some of the benefits of using High Quality Brake Pads/shoes:

  • Extended brake rotor and drum life.
  • Decreased pad wear.
  • Temperature reduction of brake pad, caliper, and wheel components.
  • Lower brake fluid and bearing temperatures.
  • Experience consistent braking and eliminate judder.
  • Drastically reduce brake fade.
  • Eliminate rotor warping and runnout.
  • Reduce heat related cracking of brake drums.

There is no question that a properly functioning and maintained braking system will save you money.  Even more importantly, a strong PM routine will go a long way in preventing accidents and ensure the safety for everyone on the road.  Keep your crew safe and have your brakes inspected today.

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